It’s May 29th! (5-29) — Top 5 Reasons 529 Plans Are Awesome & Top 5 Seinfeld Episodes (Education Funding Email Series)

To celebrate 5-29 day, we are giving you the top 5 reasons to invest in a 529 plan. But because we could all use a pick-me-up, we are also giving you the top 5 episodes of one of the funniest shows in history, Seinfeld. We hope it takes you back to a simpler, funny time, where our biggest concern was making it home in time on Thursday night.

 Reasons 529 Plans Are AwesomeSeinfeld Episodes
1Earnings come out tax and penalty free if used for qualified education expenses.The Contest (Master of your domain)
2Having one, even a small one, tells your child you care about, and are invested in, their education.The Opposite (Even Steven)
3Many states have an additional tax benefit if you make a contribution.The Bubble Boy (The Moops)
4Account beneficiaries (the student) can be changed anytime – you stay in control of the account.The Marine Biologist
(Is that a Titleist?)
5Favorable financial aid treatmentThe Soup Nazi
(No soup for you!)

Happy investing. Stay safe! Try to find beauty and laughter every day.