About Minnesota Nice Investor

About Mr. Nice & Sona

Mark is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional, or CFP®, and a Chartered Financial Analyst, or CFA. Mark is also a fiduciary because to align investments and account types with a client’s goals, the advice must be free of conflict. Growing and protecting wealth demands it.

Mark is of Scottish descent, and his wife Irish, both have Gaelic roots. Sona in Gaelic means well-balanced happiness. Mark believes this approach applies to investing and financial planning too. Mark started Sona Wealth (Sona Financial, LLC) so he could be a true advisor, providing balanced, unbiased advice.

Mark can often be found in major publications, like Bloomberg, CNBC, and Marketwatch:

https://www.bloomberg.com Mark answers You Ask, We Answer Pension Options
https://www.bloomberg.com Mark answers You Ask, We Answer Value Of Advisor
https://www.bloomberg.com Mark answers You Ask, We Answer Japan & US

About The Minnesota Nice Investor

Mark started Minnesota Nice to offer a Minnesotan perspective to macroeconomics, investing, and family life in Minnesota. You won’t always like or agree with what I say, but like a good Minnesotan, I will say it in a passive-aggressive, self-deprecating way so that you won’t be too offended.

As the name implies, the site has an investing and economic focus, although no advice is given. I will not tell you how to invest, nor will I recommend any particular tax, legal, or retirement course of action, but I will add a little color to national, state, and local happenings.

For more information on Sona Wealth: www.SonaWealthAdvisors.com