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Emergencies happen, and usually without much warning; it is what makes them emergencies! When they do, providing loved ones with easy access to needed contacts, financial information, and medical wishes, can save time, money, and stress. Family members are more likely to agree with each other when wishes are known and written down.

There are three different binders, each with a different role. Each binder is available for sale separately, or all together for a $10 savings. Below is a description of each binder.

Binder #1 — Contains information the babysitter may need, like emergency contacts or the medical needs of the kids — 25 pages

Binder #2 — Contains information a spouse may need regarding day-to-day finances, or medical wishes if you became incapacitated – 49 pages

Binder #3 — Contains information loved ones will need post-death, like where the Will and financial accounts are located – 38 pages.

Total pages for all three binders = 112 pages

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20% of all gross proceeds go to Brave Like Gabe, a charity that funds rare cancer treatments. MNice Investor is a runner and Gabe’s story of overcoming adversity, both on the track and when battling cancer, has provided inspiration to many. The thermometer shows the amount donated as of 6/3/2020.